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Fic master list

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This is a fic journal, so presumably, you're here to read the fic! Everything I write is archived at Skyehawke upon completion, but also listed below by pairing and with ratings. So far, only Harry Potter fics here, though that may eventually change.

I'm using the following terms:
Novel > 40,000 words
Novella > 17,500 words
Novelette > 7,500 words
Short story > 1,000 words
Flashfic < 1000 words

I've linked recs with asterisks, and although I generally think said reviewers are far too kind, the things that are starred are roughly also the things I'd recommend as being good places to start.



  • Trompe L'Oeil for Two, short story, PG-13: the totally canon-compliant happily-ever-after.
  • Plein Air for Two***, novelette, R: the further adventures of two very badly behaved portraits, sequel to the above. Explicit sex!
  • History Repeats Itself, flashfic, PG: which makes the reader wonder, like Hermione, whether anyone has actually read "Hogwarts:A History".
  • Riding Like a Big Dog, short story, PG-13: Remus eavesdrops and is needlessly jealous until Sirius clears up the confusion. Featuring my OT3!
  • Teaching by Example, short story, PG-13: the bits of Prisoner of Azkaban that didn't show up in thirteen-year-old Harry's POV.

Other pairings, which tend to all go together: Hermione/Ron, Draco/Harry, Pansy/Ginny

  • Gryffindor/Slytherin Relations, short story, R: total crack, centered around Harry and Draco, but woe betide all pairings unlucky enough to be swept into this silliness!
  • Matching-Muff Matrimony****, novella, NC-17: like the offspring of crackfic and a romance novel, wherein Ginny and Pansy find ways to tolerate each other in their marriage of convenience.

Mostly for my own benefit so that I am reminded to work on them, here are works-in-progress:

  • a super fluffy Percy/Oliver drabble.
  • Remus fixes Sirius' motorbike. Because honestly, Sirius is a wizard from a pureblood family, and I don't think he'd know the first thing about doing a plug chop! The world needs more motorbikeslash.
  • He Whipped My A*s in Quidditch (Then I F****d his A*s in Bed) - a Harry/Draco fic based on the Pansy Division song of a similar name (if you replace Quidditch with Tennis, anyway). Because following a vow "never to write songfic ever as long as I shall live!" of course, the next thing I have to do is go write some songfic.
  • the deleted scene from Muff-Matching Matrimony that I had to yank when I realized that, um, yes, tying someone up is actually BDSM. Hee.
  • art accompanying my slashfest story of Percy's emo and Oliver's support, because even though I can't write tender and emotional to save my life, I can at least draw it!
  • Another in the paintings for two series, wherein portrait!Remus pays Tonks a visit and finds things have changed a lot in the past 20 years.

And here are ideas that are officially on the backburner right now:

  • the phone sex story - argh, I wrote most of a Remus/Sirius phone sex story but now have decided that I basically can't stand it, possibly because it is distressingly unfunny. We'll see if I ever rework it into something postable.
  • a Rowena Ravenclaw/Helga Hufflepuff ficlet featuring the origins of the Room of Requirement. Basically fanfic of the shoebox_project.
  • some kind of Ned/Roxton and/or Marguerite/Veronica slash for lostworldslash, a new community I started!
  • I'd really like to write Lavendar/Pavarti. Not particularly inspired in the direction, but I think it would be good fun, and it could involve divination as a plot device. Possibly they could be post-Hogwarts and sharing the post of the Divination instructor?
  • I had this pure crack plotbunny for a Sweet Valley High homage, with different members of the HP verse cast as Sweet Valley archetypes. Naturally, Padma is Elizabeth, the responsible good twin, and Pavarti is Jessica, the flirty, flakey irresponsible twin. They are matching size sixes with dimples in their left cheeks and lavaliere necklaces. Of course, Lavendar is Lila Fowler, the rich snooty friend. From there on, the parallels are less obvious: Cho as Enid Rollins. Fred and George Weasley as Winston Egbert. Not sure who I'd cast as Todd Wilkins, but we would definitely go for that "Jessica's boyfriend turns out to be gay" storyline that the books totally went for and create ample opportunities for slash! I think the most fun thing here would be to set this in HbP, for instance, with canon events kind of appearing in the background but clearly less important than the omg-so-important teen relationship melodrama.
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On August 24th, 2007 05:38 pm (UTC), blue_leafy commented:
I LOVE your percy/oliver icon. >_< (ultra-swoon) Can you direct me to the original picture if you don't mind too badly?
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On September 19th, 2007 05:25 am (UTC), bydaylight commented:
IT'S ME! Previously psychater, I changed journals. Add me back? :)
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